Every Mother's Son Biography

Formed in New York City, USA in 1967, where each of its members was born, Every Mother’s Son is best remembered for that year’s Top 10 single ‘Come On Down To My Boat’, on MGM Records. The group consisted of guitar-playing brothers Dennis (22 November 1948) and Larry Larden (b. 10 August 1945) who began their career as a folk duo. They were joined by pianist Bruce Milner (b. 9 May 1943), drummer Christopher Augustine (b. 25 August 1941) and bass player Schuyler Larsen (b. 19 February 1947). The group recorded the Wes Farrell -Jerry Goldstein song ‘Come On Down To My Boat’, a pop rock confection, and signed with MGM, who released the single and the group’s self-titled album quickly, perhaps seeing their clean-cut image as an antidote to the summer of 1967’s hippie influx. Although the debut single made the Top 10, and three later singles and the debut album reached the charts, the group could not sustain its initial success and folded in 1969. Dennis Larden later joined Rick Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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