Jewel Akens Biography

12 September 1940, Houston, Texas, USA. Akens sang in a church choir as a child and moved to Los Angeles in the late 50s. There he worked closely with Eddie Daniels as Eddie And the Four Tunes, before making his recording debut with him as Jewel And Eddie for the local Silver label. Akens went on to make records in the early 60s with the Four Dots and the Astro Jets before he linked up with the Hollywood-based Era label in 1965. There, Akens had his moment of glory with the novelty song ‘The Birds And The Bees’ in 1965. It was composed by Herb Newman under the name of Barry Stuart, co-owner of Era and was both a pop and R&B hit (numbers 3 and 21, respectively) in the USA. The song was also very popular in Europe, reaching number 29 in the UK. The follow-ups, ‘Georgie Porgie’ and ‘Dancing Jennie’, were too similar to succeed, although he did record credible versions of ‘Little Bitty Pretty One’ (Thurston Harris and the Paramounts) and ‘You Better Move On’ (Arthur Alexander and the Rolling Stones).

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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