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Both the sons of doctors and former pupils of the prestigious English public school Westminster Boys, this privileged pair were signed by producer Norman Newell, following a residency at London’s Piccadilly CluPeter Asher (b. 2 June 1944, London, England) and Gordon Waller (b. 4 June 1945, Braemar, Grampian, Scotland), had a crucial advantage over their contemporaries - the priceless patronage of Paul McCartney, who was then dating Peter’s sister, Jane. The perfectly enunciated ‘A World Without Love’ quickly became a transatlantic chart topper and two more 1964 McCartney compositions, ‘Nobody I Know’ and ‘I Don’t Want To See You Again’, brought further success. The Beatles connection was again evident on ‘Woman’, which McCartney composed under the pseudonym Bernard Webb. In the meantime, the duo had switched to successful revivals of 50s material, including Buddy Holly’s ‘True Love Ways’ and the Teddy Bears’ retitled ‘To Know You Is To Love You’. Peter And Gordon’s wholesome image was somewhat belied by Waller’s appearances in the salacious British Sunday press, but this did little to affect their popularity in the USA. Although the partnership was strained by late 1966, the saucy ‘Lady Godiva’ provided a new direction and was followed by the similarly quaint novelty numbers ‘Knight In Rusty Armour’ and ‘Sunday For Tea’. One year later, they split. Waller subsequently pursued an unsuccessful solo career and appeared as the Pharoah in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Asher moved to Los Angeles and emerged as a formidable record producer and manager.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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