Randy & The Rainbows Biography

This rock ‘n’ roll vocal group came from Queens, New York, USA. The members were brothers Dominick (lead) and Frank Safuto (baritone), brothers Mike (first tenor) and Sal Zero (second tenor), and Ken Arcipowski (bass). Randy and the Rainbows came out of the thriving New York Italian-American vocal group scene and were one of the last to get a national hit before self-contained bands began dominating popular music. The group can be traced back to 1959 and the formation of the Dialtones, which consisted of the Safuto brothers, a cousin Eddie Scalla, and their lead, Rosalie Calindo. In 1960 they recorded for George Goldner’s Goldisc label. Around 1962 the Safuto brothers joined with the Zero brothers and Arcipowski to form Randy And The Rainbows. They hooked up with the Tokens’ production company and recorded ‘Denise’, which when it came out on a Laurie Records subsidiary became a Top 10 hit. Despite a lack of subsequent chart success the group managed to continue in the business for decades afterwards, recording in the late 60s as Them And Us, in the early 70s as Triangle, and in the late 70s as Madison Street. The group under their original name recorded two albums for the Ambient Sound label in the early 80s. ‘Denise’ was revived successfully by Blondie in the late 70s.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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