(4 Ratings)
Network: NBC
Actors: Arthur Rosenberg,
Bruce Davison,
Charles Hallahan,
Darlanne Fluegel,
et al.
Genres: Action,
First Aired: September 18, 1984
Runtime: 45 minutes
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L.A.P.D. Sgt. Rick Hunter is a tough-minded, Dirty Harry-type policeman who can't stand the creeps, thieves, rapists, and especially murderers who prowl the streets of Los Angeles. Unfortunately his method of doing things doesn't sit well with his precinct captains, which lead to their efforts to get rid of him. Because of his heavy-handed approach, he is unable to keep partners for any significant time frame, and is assigned to Sgt. Dee Dee 'The Brass Cupcake' McCall.

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