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Network: WE tv
Actors: Kendra Wilkinson,
Hank Baskett,
Genres: Reality
First Aired: June 5, 2012
Runtime: 25 minutes
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TV Shows Kendra on Top

Kendra on Top

From Playboy playmate to loving wife and mother, Kendra on Top is an engaging, entertaining ride through Kendra's journey as she "gets her groove back" after becoming a wife and mom, and works diligently to balance family, work and her personal ambitions. Known for being the outrageous, bodacious, sex symbol who once dated Hugh Hefner, she is now a loving mom to son Hank IV ("Little Hank") and wife to former NFL player Hank Baskett III. While Kendra is on a mission to rove that she can be a mommy and still be a hottie, Hank is discovering what life is like outside of the NFL. And, if that's not enough, there's talk of baby number two!

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